15 Must-have Plugins to Increase Ecommerce Sales
When you’re running an eCommerce site, one of the coolest things is playing around with the various p…
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Published May 12, 20150 Comments
Why Is My Landing Page Bounce Rate so High?
The eyes are the windows to the soul. Your landing page, then, is like the eyes of your website. They’r…
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Published May 11, 20150 Comments
How to Automate Your Inbound Marketing with Tools
How much of your marketing do you automate? Too many small business owners, entrepreneurs and startups all…
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Published May 10, 20150 Comments
The Best Canva Alternative: PIXLR Photo Editor
Make no mistake about it; Canva is a great little app. It’s a very guided photo editing app based in the…
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Published May 09, 20150 Comments
Is Social Bookmarking Still Effective in 2015?
Social bookmarking began life as a trendy new way to market using the sites of the hour, giants like Deliciou…
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Published May 08, 20152 Comments
Why Article Syndication is a Terrible Idea for SEO
There is some debate about article syndication on the web. One camp claims it’s fine for content mark…
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Published May 07, 20150 Comments
How to Reduce Your Shopping Cart Abandonment
Imagine if you ran a grocery store. Now imagine that four people bring shopping carts full of items up to the c…
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Published May 06, 20150 Comments
How to Use Hubspot for Backlink Building
Proper link building has become something of a lost art these days. The people who used to specialize in it us…
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Published May 05, 20150 Comments
How to Track Your ROI When Buying Traffic
With online marketing, there are two ways you can get people to your site. You can use SEO, and passively beco…
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Published May 04, 20150 Comments
PPC or PPM: Which Are the Most Effective Ads?
PPC and PPM are two types of paid advertising that lead to a lot of confusion amongst novice marketers. It doe…
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Published May 03, 20150 Comments