Where does this traffic come from?

We've partnered with a large ad network that has a combined 20 million visitors per day. These visitors are sourced from a pop-under ads in various niches. When you purchase a traffic campaign, you are being displayed on these websites according to the category and the visitor targeting that you chose, until your target number of visitors is reached. We are a PPV (Pay Per Visit) traffic network; these visitors are being automatically redirected to your website; therefore, a text ad or creative is not necessary. This traffic is routed through our tracking servers and will show up as a combination of referrer traffic and/or direct traffic.

Are any sites not allowed on Growtraffic?

We accept a wide range of businesses, including many business types that have a difficult time getting accepted on other ad networks, but we're currently not accepting any of the businesses that promote the following:

   • Illegal or deceptive content
   • Hateful content
   • Cryptocurrency ICOs
   • Cryptocurrency cloud mining
   • Automatic downloads or malware

We reserve the right to refuse service for any customer. Our partners have strict rules in place, and any ad that violates these rules may be cancelled and refunded. If you're unsure if your website meets our guidelines, please contact us and we will evaluate it for you.

Is this traffic AdSense safe?

Google Adsense doesn't explicitly prohibit buying traffic; they prohibit software manipulating the clicks on their ads. Since we're driving genuine traffic to your site, our services don't fall into this category. We've worked with thousands of webpages who have AdSense installed without a single issue. That being said, yes, we can absolutely help grow your site with AdSense ads installed! However, your AdSense account is not controlled or owned by Growtraffic, and we cannot make any guarantees that it will stay active. It is up to you to stay up to date with their rules and regulations, and use any third-party services at your own risk.

How long does it take for my campaign to start after purchase?

We will set up your campaign within 24 hours, and once your site and ad is approved, you will start to see traffic to your site in as soon as 24-48 hours. If it's been longer than 48 hours and you haven't seen any new visitors, please email our customer support, and we'll look into the issue immediately.

Will Google Analytics pick up the visitors sent to my site?

Yes. The tracking link we send you is from Google (Goo.gl), and will track 100% of your visitors. However, our traffic is PPV (pay per visitor) traffic that is routed through our internal servers. Google is known to group visitors together from a single IP. This used to be an option you can disable within Google Analytics, but it is no longer an option; therefore, we cannot guarantee every visitor we send you will register with the Google Analytics tracking code. We've seen the numbers vary between 60% and 95%, though this can vary from location to location (as well as campaign size and duration). Most all visitor tracking software will display your visitors as well (cPanel, AWStats, Goo.gl, Piwik, etc). If you have a cPanel enabled host, you can also log in and check your traffic numbers directly.

How can I track the traffic that I purchase?

We use Google's URL shortener, Goo.gl, to create a short link of your website and send traffic to. This allows you to keep tabs on your traffic campaign through the short link, as well as see which countries your visitors are coming from. We'll send this link to you as soon as we've started your campaign.

What will my visitor "bounce rate" and "time spent on site" statistics look like?

We can't guarantee a low bounce rate or a high time spent on site. However, on average, we see a ~30% bounce rate and ~1 minute average time spent on site. This number will vary depending on the quality of your site and how engaging it is; you won't see a high bounce rate or a very low "time spent on site" with traditional PPC visitors. However, pop-under ads by nature have a higher bounce rate, which is usually the result of a percentage of your visitors closing the window before browsing the rest of your site.

Why are these services cheaper than other traffic services?

Since pop-under visitors have a shorter attention span and a higher bounce rate by nature, and since they are easier to provide in large numbers, our traffic is much more affordable than other ad networks. These visitors will be from countries you specify, and from websites that are similar to your website's niche. Most other traffic services do not accommodate this kind of targeting, or have ineffective targeting methods that will result in receiving visitors from countries that you did not specify.

Can I split one order between multiple websites?

Unfortunately, a new campaign will have to be created for each page you intend on sending traffic to. We're unable to split campaigns.