Articles by James Parsons

10 of The Most Common Google AdWords Mistakes
AdWords is a complex system, and it can be very difficult for new users to grasp in its entirety. Heck, some pr…
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Published April 16, 20150 Comments
6 Ways to Maximize Your Conversion Rate Like a Pro
Conversion rate is super important, but it’s a bit of a disingenuous number. You can have a high conve…
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Published April 14, 20150 Comments
How Well Does Buying Traffic Turn to Conversions?
This is a common question, and it’s one I would absolutely love to answer for you. Unfortunately, the…
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Published April 10, 20150 Comments
Which Traffic Sites Have The Best Converting Visitors?
Traffic exchanges are only as good as the people taking part in their system. Here’s a thought experi…
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Published April 08, 20151 Comment
Our Review of Clickky: A Mobile App Marketing Website
Clickky is a five year old CPA network that has historically focused primarily on Eastern Europe more than t…
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Published April 06, 20150 Comments
How to Earn Money from HubPages in 8 Steps
HubPages has become one of the largest networks of amateur online content on the web. They have attained thi…
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Published April 04, 20155 Comments
Five CPA Scam Networks to Avoid at All Cost
You can make a lot of money with CPA ads. When one lead for one offer can generate $100 or more, and you have a rea…
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Published April 01, 20152 Comments
5 Ways to Increase the Sales From Your Landing Page
Your landing page is the lifeblood link between your customers and your profit line. Without it, you have to…
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Published March 30, 20150 Comments
How Much Should You Be Spending on Blog Content?
Running a blog is hard work. It’s incredibly time consuming, coming up with a constant flow of topics…
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Published March 28, 20150 Comments
Are Scrolling Calls to Action Acceptable for SEO?
There’s one school of thought that tells you that the vast majority of people visiting your landing p…
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Published March 27, 20150 Comments