Articles by James Parsons

The Ultimate Guide to Driving Traffic to CPA Offers
Driving traffic to a CPA offer is more or less identical to driving traffic to any website. You can still get t…
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Published March 21, 20152 Comments
CPA vs Affiliate Marketing: What You Need to Know
If you want to make money as a middleman between a customer and a product seller, you have two options; you can…
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Published March 19, 20152 Comments
3 Tricks to Get Accepted into Any Private CPA Network
The main determining factor for the quality of a CPA network is the quality of the people using it. Low-entry…
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Published March 18, 20153 Comments
3 Free Tools to See a Heat Map of Your Website Visitors
Heatmaps are a technology that measures activity. They’re very useful in a range of industries. Spo…
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Published March 15, 20150 Comments
Advanced Google Analytics Techniques for Tracking Conversions
You already know that Google Analytics is incredibly powerful and full of features you barely understand.…
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Published March 12, 20150 Comments
12 of Our Favorite eBook Marketing Ideas and Strategies
It’s easy to wonder why so many marketers are writing eBooks. What’s the difference between a…
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Published March 10, 20151 Comment
3 Surefire Ways to Increase Your Traffic with Hashtags
Hashtags were more or less invented in 2007, when Chris Messina, a Google Designer, thought about creating…
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Published March 09, 20150 Comments
21 of the Best CPM Ad Network Platforms
Cost per advertising, particularly CPM – cost per thousand – is a game of optimizing your numb…
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Published March 08, 20151 Comment
How to Make the Most Money When Selling Your Website
There are all sorts of reasons to sell your website. Maybe it’s peaking and you want to profit as much a…
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Published March 03, 20150 Comments
5 of Our Favorite Growth Hacking Experiments
Some people don’t like the concept of adding “hack” to the end of anything to make it a mo…
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Published March 01, 20150 Comments