Articles by James Parsons

Our Complete List of The Best Popunder Ad Networks
Popunder ads are an interesting old/new form of advertising. They’re not new, by a long shot; they ha…
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Published September 05, 20162 Comments
What are VSL Offers and How Do They Convert?
VSLs are one of the many forms of affiliate marketing used online, with one of the biggest networks running t…
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Published August 31, 20160 Comments
How to Find Cheap Traffic That Will Actually Convert
It’s one thing to get traffic to your site, and it’s quite another to get traffic that will conv…
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Published August 26, 20160 Comments
7 Website Monetization Alternatives to Google AdSense
AdSense is one of the most common methods used to monetize a website, but it’s not necessarily the bes…
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Published August 17, 20160 Comments
How to Add a Lead Generation Form to a Landing Page
Landing pages have one thing in common, regardless of the company or the product or service. That thing is th…
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Published August 16, 20160 Comments
How Effective are Reddit Ads at Driving Traffic?
Reddit calls itself the front page of the internet, and for many users that turns out to be true, as they have R…
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Published August 09, 20160 Comments
15 Ways to Find Companies That Will Resell Your Product
One thing a surprisingly large number of entrepreneurs tend to ignore is the process of actually selling th…
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Published August 06, 20160 Comments
The Ultimate Guide to Getting Cheap Bing PPC Traffic
Bing is the largest search competitor to Google, and while that’s not saying much, Microsoft’…
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Published July 24, 20160 Comments
Can Buying Traffic or Views Get a YouTube Video Banned?
Buying views on YouTube is a strange ecosystem. There are a lot of conflicting reports online. On one hand, Y…
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Published July 19, 20162 Comments
Free Tools for Blogger Outreach and Contacting Site Owners
There are a few reasons why you might want to contact the owner of a website. Most of them benefit you in some wa…
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Published July 17, 20161 Comment