Articles by James Parsons

How to Find the Highest Paying Niches for CPA Offers
For many marketers, CPA marketing is the ideal balance between the amount of work they have to put in and the a…
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Published June 20, 20160 Comments
10 Tips Before Listing Your Site for Sale on Flippa
There are a few different ways you can make money online. You can sell yourself as a consultant or a freelance…
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Published June 12, 20160 Comments
How to Find Expired or Expiring Domains with High Traffic
I like the idea behind expired domain marketing, but it’s a little tricky to explain to people. A lot o…
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Published June 11, 20161 Comment
Optimizing Images for More Google Image Search Traffic
Images are an important vector for search engine optimization, but they’re left out all too often. M…
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Published May 30, 20160 Comments
Dropshipping vs. Affiliate Marketing: Which is Better?
Two methods of setting up reasonably passive income online are dropshipping and affiliate marketing. At f…
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Published May 23, 20164 Comments
How Much Can You Earn Through Linkbucks and Adfly?
Linkbucks and Adfly are both services that fill a similar role, though they operate in slightly different w…
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Published May 20, 20161 Comment
How to Find the Best Place to Buy Traffic
Buying traffic is a controversial subject online, but it shouldn’t be. After all, virtually every b…
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Published May 12, 20161 Comment
Guide to Calculating the Cost Per Click of Your Traffic
Cost per click, or CPC, is a pretty easy metric to understand. It’s just the amount of money you spend f…
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Published May 08, 20160 Comments
10 Ways to Use Hello Bar to Increase Your Sales
Hello Bar is one of those new trends on the web, particularly among marketing circles, that is growing in pre…
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Published May 04, 20160 Comments
33+ Ways to Get More Sales on Your eBay Listings
The world of eBay is ruthless, cutthroat, and full of scammers. It’s also a great place to buy and sell…
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Published April 28, 20160 Comments