Articles by James Parsons

How Do Free Traffic Generator Programs Work?
For decades, webmasters have been trying every trick in the book to try to boost their traffic.  This i…
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Published September 12, 20140 Comments
Does Alexa Count a Website’s Mobile Visitors?
Among certain circles online, Alexa is one of the most important possible metrics.  Among many other…
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Published September 11, 20140 Comments
The Ultimate Guide to Setting Traffic Goals in Google Analytics
Analytics, by itself, is a fabulous tool for recording a lot of information without a lot of meaning. It&rsq…
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Published September 10, 20140 Comments
The Top 3 Alternatives to Google Analytics
Google Analytics is one of the most powerful, ubiquitous and easy to use analytics suites in the world. One o…
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Published September 08, 20140 Comments
Is It Legal to Buy and Sell Website Traffic?
In order to make money from a website, you need traffic. There are tons of ways to get traffic, from the slow gr…
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Published September 07, 20141 Comment
How to Turn Your Website Traffic into New Backlinks
Throughout the whole of the history of search engines, even from the very first day, your link profile has ma…
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Published September 06, 20140 Comments
8 Effective Attention Grabbers to Reduce Bounce Rate
Bounce rate is caused by one of two things. Either the user was searching for something completely differen…
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Published September 04, 20140 Comments
Why Is My Time Spent on Site Statistic So Low?
Along with bounce rate, visitor count and keywords, time on site is a prominent enough metric that it shows u…
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Published September 03, 20140 Comments
The Difference Between Good Traffic and Bad Traffic
There are several kinds of traffic you can get as a website owner, and chances are you’re going to see t…
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Published September 02, 20140 Comments
How to Use Website Heatmaps to Increase Sales
If you’ve never explored deep analytics, or you’re a typical web user, you might not be aware o…
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Published August 31, 20140 Comments