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Talking about niches in CPA and affiliate marketing is tricky, because there are a lot of people out there who will follow any advice given. If I gave you step by step instructions on how to succeed in a given niche, they wouldn’t be very good instructions a year from now, because a ton of people just follow them and all get into the same niche. Savvy marketers take the method but not the queries, and find their own niches.

That said, I can still give some general niche advice. I won’t be telling you what specific subset of a given topic in a given industry has proven to be valuable, because that’s a lot of research to do to just give away the information.

Before you go hog-wild with a niche, you should always do some research. Do some Google searches for your niche and see where you might be able to fit in. Run some keyword searches on OfferVault and see what sort of offers are available.

It’s also important to investigate the CPA network before you invest too heavily in a site or a niche. An offer may look attractive, but if it’s coming from a network that has a known history of never paying their publishers, it will do you no good to apply and invest in a site to funnel traffic to that offer. You can check out network reviews on oDigger, or run some Google searches fro them as well.

Now, on to the niches.

1. Gaming


Gaming, in this case, refers primarily to video games with a side of mobile gaming. Gaming is interesting, because it’s both very saturated and somewhat low paying, but it has a place on this list because it rewards agile brand builders. Gaming offers work great for 3-6 months, maybe up to a year, but fade quickly compared to other niches. On the other hand, discounting mobile games, thousands of video games come out every year. With mobile included, that number could creep to hundreds of thousands, if not higher. Of course, a lot of them are terrible shovelware no one plays for more than a few seconds, but no one said the games you put on offer had to be good.

2. Gambling


A lot of times, when you plug “gaming” into a search engine, you’ll end up with a lot of gambling results. This is just as true for CPA offers. Gambling has a lot of flexibility in topic, from online casinos to individual games, though it can also be quite saturated. The one notable downside to the gambling niche is the general bad reputation it gets with users and search engines.

3. College

ITT Tech

With the rising costs of education, entire generations of students are graduating high school and looking for cheap alternatives. Trade schools, tech schools, community colleges and low cost educational options are all valid niches to pursue. Just beware of trying to compete with some of the ridiculous industry giants also using those CPA offers.

4. Mobile Apps

iPhone App

Mobile is growing at an astonishing pace, having taken over as the dominant means of browsing many social networks. Catering to mobile is still a niche many marketers find hard, so you can actually dig into already-saturated niches and supplant the incumbent giants by catering to mobile when they don’t.

5. Vitamins and Supplements


If there’s one thing that never changes, it’s snake oil. Ten years ago, a hundred years ago, a thousand years ago, and probably ten thousand years ago, people were peddling ways to be healthier. Sure, it’s an industry dominated by a few big companies, but these big companies need to be careful about what they hawk, lest they open themselves up to lawsuits. As a smaller, more agile marketer, you can adjust your product recommendations on the fly to follow the lucrative offers.

6. Loans


Loans and other personal finance options are another timeless source of high-paying CPA offers. Much like gambling, however, you have to be aware of the seedy underbelly of loan marketing. Either embrace the dark side, or beware of the dangerous payday loan marketing.

7. Dating


Dating is a niche that has two roles; one on the legitimate side of SFW ads, and one as ads attached to pornographic sites. As frowned upon as the pornography industry is among many circles, it’s perfectly legitimate as a way to make money for thousands of marketers. Dating also has the benefit of a huge variety of niche sites to pick through. Heck, the old standby of Adult Friend Finder has CPA offers in the $120 range.

8. Insurance


Health insurance in the United States has been an ongoing controversy for the last several years, and plenty of people have been searching for alternatives they can find to the state-run marketplaces and subsidies. Other forms of insurance haven’t changed much, though.

9. Weight Loss/Fitness

Weight loss ads

Fad diets, exercise equipment, weight loss pills, fitness regimens, they’re all potentially lucrative niches. You just need a compelling way to sell whatever it is you’re selling, and you’re good to go. As a bonus, this is a great one to roll in with other affiliate marketing strategies.

10. Jewelry


You might not think of jewelry as a high-profile niche, but it’s out there. You’ve got everything from wedding rings to diamond candles as options when you dig into this particular niche.

11. Technology


Tech is an incredibly broad niche, admittedly, which means you can find something in there that hasn’t been covered yet, even if it’s a slightly older piece of tech that people just haven’t heard much about. You can also strive to be on the cutting edge, following offers for tech that’s only just been announced or just released.

12. Fitness


Fitness specifically is what got people like Doctor Oz where they are today, and it’s really not hard to replicate their success. It helps that there’s a high turnover in the industry, with rebrandings and public backlash coming in waves that wipes out the top players occasionally.

13. Forex and Binary Options


Who doesn’t want to make money fast on seemingly easy investments? There’s a huge market available for investments and trading moneymaking schemes, ranging from legitimate to beginner’s ebooks to scams. Find the right offers, strike the right tone in your site and you’re golden. You’ll probably make more money than most of the people getting into trading.

14. Business Investments


A surprising number of businesses looking for capital and investments put up offers with high values through various CPA networks. It’s a tough niche to get into, because it requires contacting a very specific type of person with a very specific type of marketing, but if you can get venture capitalists on the hook, you can make a mint.

15. Pets


Time and again, otherwise reasonable people will spend insane amounts of money on stuff for their pets, be it medicine, toys, grooming, food or gimmicks. Use this to your advantage.

Written by James Parsons

James Parsons

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