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Can Buying Traffic or Views Get a YouTube Video Banned?
Buying views on YouTube is a strange ecosystem. There are a lot of conflicting reports online. On one hand, Y…
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Published July 19, 20162 Comments
Guide to Calculating the Cost Per Click of Your Traffic
Cost per click, or CPC, is a pretty easy metric to understand. It’s just the amount of money you spend f…
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Published May 08, 20160 Comments
11 Ways to Drive Traffic from Pinterest to Your Site
Pinterest is often decried as one of the smaller social networks, left to the bottom rung for traffic rankin…
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Published April 19, 20160 Comments
What to Know When Buying Expired Domains for Traffic
What happens to a website when it dies? Does it go to website heaven? Geocities did, with a Tumblr account ded…
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Published November 13, 20150 Comments
Is an Effective Source of Traffic?
In the world of buying traffic, there are literally thousands of websites that sell, and orders of magnitud…
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Published October 08, 20155 Comments
How to Use StumbleUpon to Consistently Drive Traffic
StumbleUpon started life as a viral sensation and grew explosively over the first couple years of its exist…
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Published August 04, 20150 Comments
42 Traffic Exchange Websites to Get Free Visits Automatically
Traffic exchanges have a long and variable history in the world of Internet marketing. At times they have be…
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Published June 14, 20152 Comments
How Does Traffic Trading Work and is It Worth It?
Traffic trading is a simple concept with a complex execution. The idea is simple; I send you one visitor, you…
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Published May 26, 20150 Comments
Why Didn’t My Traffic Increase After Getting Faster Hosting?
One common piece of SEO advice is to make your site faster. Typically, a faster site speed is associated with…
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Published May 18, 20150 Comments
Is it Ethical to Buy Website Traffic from Third Parties?
When it comes to buying web traffic, there’s a lot of debate. Some people claim it’s perfectly…
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Published May 17, 20151 Comment