Articles by Kenny Novak

What to Do If Your Website Traffic Suddenly Drops
If you’re monitoring your traffic from day to day or week to week, you’ll be readily aware of th…
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Published September 22, 2022 0 Comments
Pick the Perfect CTA Size, Color, Location, and Text
I’m going to be up-front with you right now; if you’re looking for a specific answer to the titl…
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Published September 21, 2022 0 Comments
The Ultimate Guide to A/B Testing with Landing Pages
Your landing page is the gateway that transitions potential customers into converted users. It’s p…
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Published September 18, 2022 0 Comments
3 Ways to Properly Use LinkedIn for Traffic Generation
LinkedIn is a great social network that’s overlooked by many webmasters due to its narrow niche.&nb…
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Published September 15, 2022 0 Comments
35 of The Highest Earning Cost Per Impression Networks
When you’re looking to earn money from a CPM ad, you’re taking the role of a publisher. YouR…
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Published September 14, 2022 1 Comment
How Much Does a Custom WordPress Blog Design Cost?
One of the primary benefits of WordPress is the freedom of the platform, in more ways than one. On one hand, yo…
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Published September 11, 2022 0 Comments
How Much Traffic Should Your Website Have?
SEO. Content marketing. Traffic growth. Conversion tracking. Split testing. Everything, it seems like,…
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Published September 11, 2022 0 Comments
15 Creative Ways to Increase Your Forum’s Monthly Visitors
Forums are a unique type of semi-social networking online, and they occupy an interesting niche. Millions…
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Published September 09, 2022 1 Comment
Three of the Best Free Live Chat Website Scripts
You’ve probably seen it, more and more often these days; a little button that pops up on the side of you…
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Published September 07, 2022 0 Comments
Our Review of Auto Mass Traffic Generation Software
Auto Mass Traffic is one of the best of the automatic traffic applications available online. That said, it&…
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Published September 03, 2022 0 Comments